Robust Vocabulary

Unit 2 - Week 4


1. partnership – when two or more people have joined together and become partners
ex. My best friend and I have a partnership, we are partners when we play our favorite game.

2. survival – the act of remaining alive
ex. Survival is difficult in a harsh place such as the desert.

3. struggle – to work hard to do something
ex. The swimmer struggle against the big waves.

4. familiar – people, places or things that you know well
ex. It was nice to be home in a familiar place after traveling.

5. solution – the solving of a problem
ex. I used subtraction to find the solution to the math problem.

6. miserable – to be very unhappy
ex. The boy was miserable about missing school.

7. depend – to count on
ex. I depend on my alarm clock to wake me up in the morning.

8. insist – to make a demand or to be firm about something
ex. Mom insisted that I finish my homework before watching T.V..