Robust Vocabulary

Unit 2 - Week 3


1. consumers – a person who uses things or buys things at a store
ex. The store shelves were empty after the consumers bought all of the fruit that was on sale.

2. producers – people or things that make or create something
ex. Film producers help create movies.

3. strand – a length or fibers or threads twisted together to make thread yarn or rope
ex. If you pull this strand of thread, the sweater might come apart.

4. lack – when you don’t have any of something or you have too little of it
ex. The team lacks players because many are out sick.

5. decision – to make up your mind about something
ex. My family made a decisionto go the Yellowstone Park next summer.

6. fiber – the hair on a llama or it also means thread
ex. The fiber on a llama is thick.

7. extraordinary – something that is very unusual or remarkable
ex. Robots are extraordinary machines.

8. typical – something that is usual or common
ex. Orange juice is a typical drink for breakfast.