Robust Vocabulary

Unit 2 - Week 2


1. identify – to name or recognize certain persons or things
ex. I could identify the girl in the photo as my sister.

2. significant – important
ex. The Fourth of July is significant holiday in America.

3. ingenious – something that is very clever or imaginative
ex. Harry’s design for the talking robot is ingenious.

4. architect – someone who designs and makes plans for buildings
ex. I read about an architect who designed a glass house.

5. participate – to take part in something
ex. I like to participate when we play soccer.

6. scour – to go through in search of something
ex. I scour the library for a good book to read.

7. aloft – high up in the air
ex. The bird was aloft high in the sky.

8. tinker – to try to figure out how to fix it or get it to work
ex. My dad tinkered with our old radio and got it to play.