Robust Vocabulary

Unit 2 - Week 1


1. courageous – to be very brave
ex. A firefighter who rescues someone from a burning building is courageous.

2. rescue – to save a person from danger
ex. The lifeguard came to the rescue of the child who could not swim.

3. instinct – an ability an animal is born with that makes them act a certain way
ex. Baby animals and people have an instinct to eat when they are born.

4. blustery – describes how the wind blows hard and makes a lot of noise
ex. The blustery day made it hard to play outside.

5. hazard – something dangerous
ex. The broken swing on the playground is a hazard.

6. avalanche – a large amount of snow or rock suddenly sliding down a mountain . Sometimes the word means anything like an avalanche
ex. The movie star got an avalanche of letters from her fans.

6. skittish – nervous and easily upset
ex. Our new puppy is so skittish it runs and hides whenever the door opens.

7. fast-paced – something that is happening quickly
ex. A horse race is fast-paced.