Robust Vocabulary

Unit 1 - Week 3


1. galaxy – a very large group of stars
ex. Earth and the sun are part of a big galaxy in the universe.

2. tranquil – very calm and peaceful
ex. There are many kinds of wildlife, as deer and bears, in a forest.

3. fledglings – young birds that have just grown that feathers they need to fly
ex. The downy chicks grew and changed, and now they are fledglings.

4. universe – made up of Earth, the sun, the moon, and all of the other planets and stars in space
ex. Our Earth is only a small part of the universe.

5. secure – when something is firmly fastened. It is
steady and strong

ex. Mom made sure the ladder was secure before she climbed up.

6. slimy – slippery and sticky
ex. The rocks at the bottom of the stream feel slimy.

7. detective – a person who tries to solve a mystery or figure out a problem
ex. You are a word detective when you figure out what a word means.

8. fascinating – very interesting
ex. We read about a girl who found insects fascinating.