Robust Vocabulary

Unit 1 - Week 2


1. ascend – to go or move up
ex. Jo saw the plane ascend quickly.

2. descend – to go or move down
ex. Astronauts descend when they come down in their space shuttle.

3. orbit – a circular pathway or a path one thing makes around another thing in space
ex. Earth makes an orbit around the sun, and the moon makes an
orbit around Earth.

4. universe – made up of Earth, the sun, the moon, and all of the other planets and stars in space
ex. Our Earth is only a small part of the universe.

5. journey – a long trip
ex. When a family drives for several days to go somewhere, they are
on a journey.

6. launch – to get something started or set it going
ex. We launch a boat when we move out onto the lake with it.

7. meteorite – a piece of stone or metal that hits
something in space

ex. Some meteorites that hit Earth leave dents in the ground.

8. enormous – something that is very, very large
ex. Some dinosaurs were enormous creatures.