Robust Vocabulary

Unit 1 - Week 1


1. investigate – to find out all about something
ex. In science class, we investigate how plants grow.

2. rural – in the country
ex. My aunt lives on a farm in a rural part of the state. There are no big cities in a rural area.

3. urban – in the city
ex. There is a lot of traffic with cars, trucks, and buses in an urban place.

4. downy – covered with soft feathers or soft like feathers
ex. The bird watchers in the city cheer when two downy chicks hatch.

5. perch – when you sit or rest on the edge of something high
ex. A row of birds will perch on a wire.

6. founders – people who start something new
ex. The Pilgrims were the founders of a colony called Plymouth.

7. muttered – did not speak clearly
ex. I could not understand what my brother said because he muttered.

8. unanimous – everyone agrees with something
ex. The team members chose Hawks as their name by a unanimous vote.