Robust Vocabulary

Unit 1 - Week 5


1. delicate – thin and easily broken
ex. Be careful not to break the old vase because it is delicate.

2. inquire – to ask questions or to try to find out about something
ex. My dad told me to inquire about the soccer schedule.

3. sturdy – strong and solid
ex. Mom stood on that sturdy step stool to reach the cupboard.

4. resist – to work against something because you
don’t want it

ex. When you are healthy, your body can resist getting sick.

5. exhibit – something set up for people to look at to get information
ex. An exhibit at the science museum helped us learn about wind energy.

6. stun – to shock or surprise
ex. I was stunned when I found out they were closing my favorite movie theater.

6. genius – a person who is very smart
ex. A genius has an extraordinary ability to understand mathematics or another subject.

7. satisfaction – pleased and content with something
ex. It gave me satisfaction to do so well on the spelling test.