Robust Vocabulary

Unit 1 - Week 4


1. arid – very dry
ex. Land can be arid because very little rain has fallen on it.

2. landform – a shape on the surface of the land
ex. Landforms include hills, mountains, valleys, and plains.

3. precipitation – rain, snow, hail or other forms of water that come down from the clouds
ex. Many kinds of trees that grow in forests need a lot of precipitation.

4. dunes – sand hills piled up high by the wind
ex. When the wind blows, the sand dunes will shift and change.

5. ledge – a narrow shelf
ex. If you are in the desert, you might see a coyote up on a rock ledge.

6. haven – a safe place
ex. The warm cabin was our haven during the blizzard.

6. forbidding – seems very scary or dangerous
ex. The alley is forbidding because it is between tall buildings.

7. extinct – does not exist anymore
ex. Dinosaurs are extinct.