Robust Vocabulary

Unit 2 - Week 5


1. conflict – a quarrel, struggle, fight, or problem
ex. My brother and I always have a conflict over whose turn it is to set the table.

2. resolve – to make a decision or solve a problem
ex. My dad resolved the argument about who would sit in the front seat of the car.

3. mope – to feel sorry for yourself and to be unhappy and lose interest in things
ex. When Joseph’s parents told him they were moving, he was sad and moped around the house.

4. ramp – a slope or slant that connects two different levels
ex. Cars go down the ramp from the street to the underground parking garage.

5. pursue – to keep on doing or trying to do something
ex. I am going to pursue my plan to learn Spanish.

6. deserve – to be very unhappy
ex. The boy was miserable about missing school.

7. coax – to gently talk someone into something
ex. My brother coaxed me into letting him ride my bike.

8. startle – frightened
ex. The spider on the floor startled Luis.